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The people represented here are close friends and highly respected designers, artists, researchers and companies.


Elisabeth Krainer
Elisabeth Krainer is a former colleague from the FH Joanneum in Graz. She's an awesome designer, CG Artist and Alias modeler currently working for Audi.

Clemens Auer
We studied together in Graz. Clemens is perhaps the most versatile colleague I have. Please visit his site.

Klemens Schillinger
Klemens is a former colleague from the FH Joanneum in Graz. Since his Master Degree at the RCA he's been working for Faye Toogood. Besides he works on his private projects.

Dottore Vitorio Benedetti

Interaction design philosopher and close friend from my time in Umea, Sweden. He works for Nokia Maps at Here in Boston.

Rahul Sen
Interaction design rock star and cosmopolitan. Works at R/GA in New York City for the big players like Nike.

Tao Lin
Tao is one of those brilliant Umea kids I got to know up there. Industrial as well as interaction designer currently working at Frog. Passionate, curious, innovative and relaxed. Chapeau.

Hannes Seeberg
A friend and colleague from my time in Umea. One of the nicest guys and perhaps one of the most committed designer I’ve ever met.

Anette Ströh
Anette is an old friend and colleague from break/through in Basel. We worked on several projects before she decided to focus on medical design. She lives in Berlin.

Michael Heimrich
Michael is another colleague from my time at break/through. A brilliant designer and perhaps the most patient person I know. ;) He is now working at Recaro in Stuttgart.

Florian Buchegger
With Florian I just recently work on the "Operator Desk" for Blackcam. We had a hell of a time in the most positive sense. ;)

Katha Hölzl
Looking for graphics design, guidance systems or exhibition design? Katha is the one. She's currently working for Erwin Bauer in Vienna.

Is a young design collective from Eindhoven. I can highly recommend one of those hotshots called Marcel van Heist.